The Fisheries Profile of Gigantes Islands, Carles, Philippines and Notes on its Scallop Fishery History


by:Cristy S. Acabado, Donna M. Guarte, Liezel C. Paraboles, and Wilfredo L. Campos


This study is the first report on the fisheries industry in Gigantes Islands, Carles, Philippines, highlighting its scallop fishery. Focused group discussions were done in North and South Gigantes Islands on January 2014 to provide estimates of yield, fishing pressure and other fishery parameters, which can be primarily used to manage the resources. Information on fishing gear types used, fishing seasonality, and estimated catches were gathered. Gigantes is exposed to fishing pressure of 8,811.9 trips km-2 yr-1, which is much higher compared to other larger local fishing grounds in the Philippines. The total estimated annual catch of North Gigantes is 9,941.2 MT and 6,479.6 MT for South Gigantes. Compressor diving targeting scallops and the oysters contributed about half of the total estimated annual catch, landing a total of 8,473.5 MT. This high record of catch landings may already dictate that the current extraction rates should no longer be increased.

Keywords: Sustainable fishery, fishing gears, Spondylus spp., Chlamys spp., compressor diving